Spent Half a Day in Court Today

In fact it did not have that much to do with me, but I was there and everyone thought that I knew a lot more than I did. I was working after school at a department store. Of course my job was not too much fun and I was the guy who was supposed to mop up any spills and make sure they were clearly marked. A Sacramento personal injury lawyer had this guy saying that he had slipped and fallen there, although when we looked at the video there did not seem to be much. They seemed to think that they could get me to say something that was going to help them, or at least that was what they kept telling the company lawyers. It was all a great big bluff, and the company figured that out by looking at the tape. They could see that I had passed this guy and he had asked me a question. Then I had gone on to help some other people.

Of course none of this had to make sense. After a bit I realized that the judge was getting pretty agitated by what was going on. It was relatively clear that the plaintiff’s lawyer was looking to cut a deal, but the company did not really think that this guy’s story held water. They were very sure that they could have won the case. Apparently they believed that they had plenty of dirt on this guy. In fact the lawyer gave up once it was obvious that they were going to be happy to take it to the jury. It was all a big waste of my time, but I did catch up with all of my homework and I studied a lot. When it was over they never told me, everyone else just left.